Black Friday Facial / Treatment Specials

mod facial bar is ready to get into the holiday spirit with these 3 amazing deals.

Must purchase these packages before Nov 30th to get Black Friday pricing!

Deal 1: Medium Depth Peel Series – Regularly $237 for a package of 3, now $175 (limited time only)

Esthetic peels have been a key tool in the anti-aging arsenal for years. Our peels are all derived from natural sources such as milk, almonds, berries, etc. So while they are called “chemical peels” there isn’t anything chemically about them to fear. When used by our professionals, the peel gently eats away dead skin and triggers a healing response from your body. Your body then sends the skin building blocks such as collagen and elastin to that area to heal it. Most people experience light flaking/ peeling skin. This leads to fresh, new skin. Peels are fantastic to use in the Fall/Winter time because it’s much easier for people to stay out of the sun during treatments. We are offering a package of 3 medium depth peels for only $150.

Please note: some people may not visibly peel. In this case the peel is still working at a cellular level and is rebuilding collagen.

Must complete this peel series by April 30th 2020!

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Deal 2: Whole body microderm – Regularly $150 - only $99

Want to exfoliate your entire body? Well now you can have baby smooth skin all over. Our skilled esthetician will do this 50 minute microdermabrasion treatment in our private room using our diamond tip microderm wand. There is no down-time! Get baby smooth today!

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Deal 3: microcurrent tightening facial (Non-Surgical Face Lift - CACI Ultimate)

Package of 10 CACI treatments – Regularly $1,100 only $599 + free product

Package of 5 CACI treatments – Regularly $550 only $350

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez swear by this beauty treatment to maintain their flawless appearance. The CACI machine is the most advanced microcurrent machine in the world. It tones and lifts the muscles in the face, fighting the effects of gravity and time. As gravity pulls on our body, over time our muscles begin to sag. The CACI machine retrains the muscles in your face to tighten and go back to the way they used to be.

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