Acne and Face Reality Products

Face Reality is a skin care line developed specifically to treat acne breakouts. The program combines clinical grade products that contain key ingredients like: Salicylic Acid, Mandelic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, and Sulfur. This is a proven skincare regime which is customized specifically for your skin. Also, because there are many contributing factors that cause acne, our estheticians will provide counseling on foods, medications, cosmetics and common ingredients in skincare that make acne worse.

The acne boot camp facial at mod facial bar uses Face Reality products and procedures to help treat your acne. We start by doing a clinical skin analysis to determine the acne severity and type. We will analyze your current home care routine and daily cosmetics, along with current medications.

After the skin analysis we determine what treatments will work best for your skin type. Acne boot camp facials include extractions, a light peel, LED and oxygen treatment all customized to your skin. Customized product recommendations will be made with each treatment. When treating acne home care is a big part of getting clear.

Visit us at Mod Facial Bar and start seeing clear skin with our Acne Boot Camp Facial!

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